Good Quality Face Mask Made in UK
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Along with social distancing, wearing a face mask in UK is one way we can all be careful and washing our hands. Our BlazingStar Face Masks are tailored & designed for durability & as comforting as possible.



This pack contains 50 disposable face masks made from high quality material with high efficiency filtered, breathable and extremely soft of non-woven fabric. Featuring pleating with comfortable elastic loops.
S-M-S formula blocks >98% of harmful particles.
One size, single use only
Designed for durability + comfort
Reinforced stitching, certified materials, long-lasting sublimated graphic designs, and a 100% cotton anti-allergenic inner layer that’s soft on your skin
Made to fit every face
3-dimensional chin structure, a nose bridge that endures for thousands of bends, and adjustable straps to keep your mask the perfect fit all day long

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