As some European countries have begun softening lockdown restrictions, face masks have are becoming a much more common (and in some cases mandatory) part of life. However, there is currently a shortage of face masks in the UK as the uk face mask manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demands.

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Face masks are required to be worn while shopping in Austria, while some states in Germany are dishing out fines for those not wearing one in certain public spaces.

The Scottish government recommends wearing a mask – will the rest of the UK be next?

Until recently, UK-wide guidance stopped short of suggesting that the public wear face masks – but that changed earlier this week when Scotland’s official face mask guidance was updated to state that “there may be some benefit in wearing a facial covering when you leave the house”. Rather than surgical or medical-grade masks, which are currently very low on stock, it suggests one made of cloth or other textiles through which you can breathe

On the 30th April at the UK’s government daily coronavirus press briefing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented they may be useful for epidemiological reasons and to give people confidence in returning to work, but more would be announced on official guidelines next week. 

More and more it looks like face masks will soon become an everyday item in UK households, and you can make sure you’ve got one handy just incase with our up-to-date list below on where to find face masks in the UK. And if none of those designs take your fancy, don’t miss our how to make a face mask article, which details three simple ways (two with no sewing required) to make a face mask at home

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